Best RV Parks Near Key West FL: A Camper’s Guide

Discover the allure of island life while enjoying the comforts of home at Key West’s top-rated RV parks. Nestled in the Florida Keys, these tropical havens offer more than just a place to park; they’re gateways to an unforgettable vacation experience.

With a mix of rustic charm and modern conveniences, you’ll find RV sites that cater to every traveler’s needs. From waterfront views to easy access to local attractions, there’s an RV park near Key West that’s perfect for your next adventure.

RV Parks near Key West, FL

Overview of Key West, FL

Discover the allure of Key West, a tropical paradise that beckons travelers with its sun-soaked shores and vibrant culture. Here, you’ll encounter a laid-back atmosphere, perfect for unwinding, yet brimming with adventurous activities. As the southernmost point in the US, this island stands out for its historical landmarks, lush landscapes, and the iconic Duval Street, offering an energetic mix of bars and shops.

Dotted with picturesque campgrounds, Key West offers a unique RV experience where modern amenities blend with nature’s majesty. Whether you’re here to soak in the sapphire-blue waters or explore the intriguing architecture, Key West creates a backdrop for an unforgettable stay full of serene beaches and local flair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an RV Park

When planning your island getaway in your home on wheels, knowing what to look for in an RV park ensures your stay in Key West is nothing short of perfect. You’ll want to ponder a few key elements:

  • Location: Strive for a balance between seclusion and accessibility. Opt for parks with easy access to the island’s hotspots while still offering a peaceful retreat.
  • Amenities: Your comfort matters, so hunt for sites providing full hookups, WiFi, and added comforts. Some parks boast luxury facilities like fitness centers and private docks, enhancing your experience.
  • Size and Type of Site: Whether you’ve got a modest camper or a sprawling big rig, make sure your chosen park can accommodate your RV’s dimensions and offers your preferred site type, be it pull-thru or back-in.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Take a cue from fellow travelers. Highly rated parks have proven their excellence. Peer through reviews to uncover insights about the staff’s friendliness and the overall quality of the stay.

Remember, selecting the right RV park is paramount to crafting your ideal Key West adventure. As each park weaves its own charm, your perfect match awaits among the lush keys, promising a slice of island living that resonates with your wanderlust.

Top RV Parks near Key West, FL

Boyd’s Key West Campground

At Boyd’s Key West Campground, you’re in for a treat. Tucked away on the waterfront, it’s a paradise for those who love the water. With 263 sites, including 203 with full hookups, you’re bound to find the perfect spot. Apart from enjoying the usual comforts, you can dive into activities like yoga and aqua-size classes or relax with line dances and ice cream socials.

Leo’s Campground

Next up is Leo’s Campground, offering a clean and serene RV experience. While the Wi-Fi might be a bit hit-or-miss, you’ve got great connectivity in public hotspots. Located at 6700 Maloney Ave, Leo’s is a gem with easy access to Key West attractions. Remember, it’s an RV-only site, so you’ll need a self-contained rig.

Geiger Key Marina and RV Park

Away from the bustle, Geiger Key Marina and RV Park lets you soak up the quiet of the Florida Keys. Picture yourself fishing off the marina or enjoying a meal at the waterfront restaurant. This low-key haven invites you to relax and unwind at your own pace.

El Mar RV Resort

At El Mar RV Resort, the intimacy of the setting shines through. With only 11 sites, this tiny spot ensures you’re never just a number. You’ll love the waterfront views and water access. Prices start at $115 for off-water sites, making it an affordable slice of paradise.

Bluewater Key RV Park

Bluewater Key RV Park takes luxury to the next level. You’ll have access to private docks and tiki huts, making your stay feel extra special. The tropical landscape and spacious lots cater to those looking for an upscale escape.

Key West Campground Beach Resort

For those who crave beachside bliss, the Key West Campground Beach Resort is the answer. Wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy easy access to beachfront activities. Whether it’s sunbathing or beach volleyball, you’re all set for a sandy good time.

Key West RV Resort

Key West RV Resort is your round-the-clock tropical oasis. From diving into the heated pool to savoring a drink at the tiki bar, there’s plenty to do right on-site. Plus, you’ve got the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Key West Aquarium just steps away.

Blue Marlin RV Park

The Blue Marlin RV Park provides a cozy atmosphere in the heart of the Keys. You’ll relish the old-fashioned charm with modern amenities at your fingertips. This park is perfect for those who prefer a quieter, more personal experience.

Seaside 43 RV lot Key West

For an exclusive stay, head to Seaside 43 RV lot Key West. You’ll get stunning ocean views and top-notch facilities. This lot is ideal for travelers looking to enjoy the sea air in comfort and style.

Paradise Found

Paradise Found” isn’t just a statement, it’s what you’ll experience. Revel in lush landscapes and the beauty of nature. This park proves that sometimes, the best way to find paradise is to park your RV right in the middle of it.

Ocean Front Premium Lot

The Ocean Front Premium Lot lives up to its name, giving you a front-row seat to the ocean’s grandeur. With ample space and stunning vistas, it’s a favorite for those seeking the ultimate waterfront RVing spot.

Peck’s Piece Of Paradise

Peck’s Piece Of Paradise offers a secluded retreat. You’ll enjoy privacy and tranquility, perfect for unwinding after a day of Key West adventures. It’s your own slice of heaven on Earth.

Breezy Pines RV Resort

Settle into Breezy Pines RV Resort and relax under the whispering pines. The friendly atmosphere and well-maintained sites make it a great choice for families and couples alike. Plus, it’s close to all the attractions you’re eager to explore.

The Ocean awaits…..Swim Fish Dive

At “The Ocean awaits…..Swim Fish Dive“, the name speaks for itself. Dive into clear waters, explore marine life, and bask in the sun. Your tropical adventure starts the moment you step outside your RV.

Tropical Paradise at Venture Out

In “Tropical Paradise at Venture Out”, expect lush foliage and a vibrant community. With a pool, tennis courts, and various social activities, it’s a fun-filled sanctuary for the active traveler.

Boondocks Marathon

“Boondocks Marathon” is the perfect pit stop for RVers on the move. With essential amenities and a convenient location, it’s a solid base for exploring the wider Keys area.

Grassy Key RV Park

Over at Grassy Key RV Park, the views are picturesque, and the vibe is friendly. It’s an ideal spot for those who appreciate a well-kept park with a personal touch.

Jolly Roger RV Resort

Sail into Jolly Roger RV Resort and feel the lively spirit of the place. With a calendar full of events and prime facilities, it’s a haven for those who love to socialize and have a good time.

El Mar RV Resort

Returning to El Mar RV Resort, this cozy nook tempts you with its water access and stunning vistas. It’s your little corner of Key West, complete with all the charm you’d expect from the Keys.

Pelican RV Resort and Marina

Pelican RV Resort and Marina lets you enjoy the salt life to the fullest. Whether you’re docking your boat or kicking back by the water, this resort covers all bases for a fantastic seaside escape.

Sugarloaf Key/Key West KOA Holiday

Finally, Sugarloaf Key/Key West KOA Holiday brings you the familiar KOA comfort with a Key West twist. From camping cabins to RV sites, they’ve got options to suit every traveler’s needs. Get ready for campfires, bike rentals, and a taste of the local community.

Amenities offered by RV Parks near Key West, FL

When you’re planning your getaway in an RV, the amenities offered by your chosen park can make or break your vacation. RV parks near Key West, FL are packed with features to enhance your stay, from necessary hookups to impressive recreational options.

Full Hookup Sites

As you’re touring the Keys, you’ll want a hassle-free stay, starting with the essentials like full hookups for your RV. Many sites in the area offer 30/50 amp electric service, ensuring that your RV has all the power it needs. Expect to find:

  • Water hookups
  • Sewage connections
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi access

These utilities are often bundled into each site, so your home on wheels is as comfortable and connected as you desire.

Campground Facilities

The facilities extend beyond merely hooking up your RV. Enjoy conveniences such as:

  • Laundry facilities for freshening up your wardrobe
  • Clean restrooms with hot showers
  • On-site general stores for quick supply runs
  • Dedicated pet areas so your four-legged companions are as welcome as you are

Moreover, specific sites at these parks guarantee a stunning waterfront view, adding a touch of serenity to your environment.

Recreational Activities

Looking for fun? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Swimming pools for a cooling dip
  • Boat ramps for easy access to water sports
  • Tiki bars and picnic areas for socializing
  • Paddleboard and kayak rentals
  • Fishing peers for a chance to reel in the big one
  • On-site activities including live music events

Whether you’re in the mood for adventure or relaxation, RV parks near Key West strive to provide a memorable experience. With a variety of onsite entertainment and the beauty of the Keys at your doorstep, you’re sure to find the perfect balance of activity and leisure during your stay.

Tips for planning your stay at an RV Park near Key West, FL

When you’re gearing up for an unforgettable adventure to Key West, staying at an RV park is an excellent choice. Here’s how to ensure you’ve got everything covered for your trip.

Making a Reservation

Start early, especially if you’re planning to visit during peak season from December through April. To avoid missing out, book well in advance. Sites with full hookups and scenic waterfront views are in high demand. Remember, if you’re eyeing a particular spot like Bluewater Key RV Resort, they often require a 7-day minimum stay and rates can be higher in the high season.

To secure your spot, come prepared with the length of your RV and vehicle to match the park’s lot constraints. Also, review the park’s rules beforehand. Some places might need a security deposit and a registration fee upon arrival, with payment options typically limited to cash or credit card.

Packing Essentials for an RV Trip

While your RV park might have ample amenities, packing the right essentials can make or break your experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what you shouldn’t forget:

  • Connectivity items: Bring your satellite dish for reliable TV reception and double-check if the park offers free Wi-Fi.
  • Basic supplies: Stock up on water, food, toiletries, and any personal items you’ll need.
  • Outdoor gear: Pack fishing rods for the piers, water sports equipment if you plan on hitting the waves, and comfortable walking shoes for exploring the ground.
  • Park-friendly items: Some sites offer tiki bars, small fridges, and microwaves—consider bringing items to make the most of these features.

Exploring Key West, FL from the RV Park

Once you’re set up at the RV park, it’s time to explore Key West. There’s an abundance of activities right at your doorstep:

  • Prefer a leisurely pace? Enjoy strolling along the beaches or capturing a sunset.
  • Looking for excitement on the water? Dive into paddleboarding, kayaking, or fishing.
  • Want to mingle with locals and other travelers? Check out the parks’ live music events and tiki bars for a taste of island nightlife.

Your RV park is more than just a place to stay; it’s your gateway to the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Key West. Embrace the island lifestyle and craft a trip that perfectly balances activity with relaxation.

5 Great Places to Visit Near the Best Key West RV Parks

When you’ve set up your RV and are ready to explore, Key West offers an eclectic mix of attractions. Dive into the local culture and history with these must-visit spots.

Hemingway House

Just a stone’s throw from your RV park, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is a treasure trove of literary history. You’ll walk through the rooms where Hemingway penned some of his greatest works in the 1930s. Experience the lush gardens and keep an eye out for the famous six-toed cats, descendants of the author’s own pets. Remember, it’s cash only for the entry fee, so be prepared.

Duval Street

Known as the heart of Key West, Duval Street is a hub of activity. Here, you can browse boutique shops, dive into tasty local eateries, and vibe with the unique spirit at numerous pubs and bars. As day turns to night, the street comes alive with entertainment, making it the perfect place for those looking to enjoy Key West’s nightlife.

Shipwreck Museum

Immerse yourself in Key West’s maritime history at the Shipwreck Museum. Discover artifacts salvaged from historic shipwrecks and listen to tales of fortune and despair on the high seas. Engaging exhibits bring the era of wreckers to life, showcasing how this dangerous profession shaped the island’s past. The museum is not only educational but also an enjoyable way for the whole family to spend an afternoon.

Florida State Parks

Florida’s natural beauty is on full display in its state parks, especially near Key West. Escape to these parks for a once-in-a-lifetime experience where tropical breezes and stunning seascapes are yours to enjoy.

Everglades National Park

When you’re ready to trade the ocean views for a wilderness adventure, Everglades National Park beckons. Spanning 1.5 million acres, it’s a mosaic of marine, wetland, and terrestrial ecosystems that aren’t found anywhere else on the planet. Here you can glide through the River of Grass on an airboat, spot all sorts of wildlife, or just bask in the vast, open landscapes. While not directly in Key West, the Everglades makes for an unforgettable day trip that’s just a couple of hours away.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park takes seclusion to an entirely new level. This remote park, accessible only by boat or seaplane, is located 70 miles west of Key West. Its main attraction is Fort Jefferson, a massive but unfinished coastal fortress. The park is famous not just for its historical intrigue but also for its crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkeling and diving, abundant marine life, and storied past of pirates and sunken treasure.

Bahia Honda State Park

Perhaps you’re looking for a park that combines easy access with remarkable natural beauty. Bahia Honda State Park fits the bill. With some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, it’s an idyllic spot to soak up the sun, go for a swim or even do some snorkeling along the Looe Key Reef. Campsite reservations can be tough to snag, so book well in advance for a tropical getaway that’ll make you feel worlds away from the daily grind.


Your adventure to Key West is just around the corner and choosing the right RV park can make all the difference. Remember to book ahead and come prepared for a seamless experience. With your RV as your home base, you’re set to explore the rich culture and stunning natural landscapes that make this area a true gem. Dive into the local scene, soak up the history, and indulge in the outdoor activities that await. Whether you’re here to unwind or to embark on an adventure, Key West’s RV parks are your ticket to an unforgettable getaway. So gear up, hit the road, and get ready to create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a stay at a Key West RV park?

To ensure availability, it’s recommended to make reservations at a Key West RV park well in advance, particularly for peak season stays.

What essential items should I pack for an RV park stay near Key West?

Bring connectivity items like chargers, basic supplies including food and water, outdoor gear for activities, and park-friendly items such as reusable dishes.

Are there any cultural attractions to visit near Key West RV parks?

Yes, nearby cultural sites include the Hemingway House, Duval Street for shopping and entertainment, and the Shipwreck Museum for local maritime history.

Can I explore natural parks in the area while staying at a Key West RV park?

Absolutely! You can visit Everglades National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, and Bahia Honda State Park for breathtaking natural scenery and outdoor activities.

What kinds of leisure activities can I enjoy in Key West?

Key West offers a variety of leisurely pursuits such as beach outings, water sports, fishing, snorkeling, and joining in on local events and festivals.

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